Why Is Cricket One Of The World’s Most Popular Sport? (Part 2)

Cricket knew nothing of the better part of North and South America weakening its development prospects. Basketball, on the other hand, serves Chinese, Filipino, and Australian sports profiles, thus growing rapidly.

Growth and prospects

The Twenty20 format brings persistence and prosperity to the missing game. This new format has created compelling domestic tournaments like the Indian Premier League (IPL) which has become a profitable venture. Surprisingly as it seems, the IPL brand value itself is over 4 billion dollars. Having enjoyed IPL, some other tournaments generate good revenue.

Outside of Asia and Europe, the booming popularity of cricket in Africa has an advantage over basketball. Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa have a sizable population of passionate game enthusiasts. Another factor that reinforces the case of cricket is the strong base of the game in the Caribbean Islands. In light of the presence of cricket on most continents, it is safe to assume there is room for growth.

The Hindrance

Cricket’s ardent followers are mostly hail from the Third World, a major obstacle to its growth. Unlike the subtlety of much of North America and Europe, the third world has a lot to catch up to. In contrast to cricket, basketball and soccer owe a lot of their popularity to the internet. A good percentage of the population watching cricket is not on par with technological developments, which is posing a problem for the development of the sport. This is due to changes soon.

It is not uncommon to see empty streets in India and Pakistan during high voltage cricket matches. Perhaps, a commitment like that is what keeps the sport alive and kicking. As long as that devotion holds, cricket will never stop growing – with or without the rest of the world.