What is cricket? Is there cricket betting? (Part 2)

Many players the team they throw must catch the ball returned to the opponent. After that, he will continue to fight forever and until he is eliminated, the remaining 10 players in the field will be replaced similarly.

The reason for disqualification is when the three wooden sticks at the back have fallen, or the ball has been caught before the ball has touched the ground or the players have cheated, took meat and covered the three wooden sticks.

This is an extremely interesting game

What is cricket? The game is more thrilling because each other over a point who will run more and will hit the ball quite accurately. The players who will play this game will be very dirty, because they fall to the ground a lot, or they slide. The conclusion about this type of game is not as arrogant as Golf or Tennis!


This world famous game captured the English in the 16th century, and was played by two teams of 11 members each. Professional cricket matches include Single-day matches as well as 5-day Fight matches.

There are over 120 million professional cricket players worldwide.

European Cricket Council is responsible for overseeing matches in European countries.

The only well-trained European team is the England team. The remaining teams such as Scotland, Turkey and the Netherlands are still trying to reach the standards of international matches.

Despite being a vanguard, to this day, England has yet to win the World Cricket Championship. However, the UK has organized the tournament 4 times.

Andrew Flintoff, a member of the British cricket team, is considered one of the most comprehensive players in the world.

The only team that has ever made it to the World Cricket finals is England with 3 runner-ups.

Retired England player Alec Stewart, has scored 8463 runs in s

career and that is also his birthday 8-4-63.

There are over 12 million cricket fans across Europe.


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