What is cricket? Is there cricket betting? (Part 1)

Cricket is a sport of using sticks to hit the ball, popular in countries in the British community, played by two teams, each side has 11 players on the round grass field. The purpose of the match is to take two teams to take turns, one side to serve and one side to hit the ball. When the entire team of the batting team is disqualified, one team will switch to throwing the ball and the other team will enter the field as the batting team.

What is cricket?

The reason it was created to be both entertaining and dominant is just to exercise. I myself think that whoever created the ball is considered a great person, so it was honored in front of all humanity.

Because there’s only one ball, hundreds of sports have been devised, from playing the simplest to the most complex, from using your hands to your feet, from playing on the shore to into the water.

Introducing Cricket

Cricket, also known as club ball, or bridge, carpentry, bridge wall, or more so, is a sport of playing with a club.

As a subject, there will be 11 players on both teams and divided into 2 games. Each game will be divided into 11 more small sessions. In each small session type there will be 2 types of players from 2 teams.

One team will throw the ball and the other one they use the bat to hit the ball. Behind the bats will be a three-cylinder, understood simply as there are three wooden sticks to plug into the ground and there will be two types of wood sticks on top.

The pitcher had to somehow make the infected pillar drop, and the batter had to knock the ball out.

The joke didn’t stop there either, the two sides had to take turns running back and forth, the more they ran, the higher the score.