Top the great moments in cricket during history

Cricket has a long history at the international sport events such as the Olympics. It is also a popular game for teamwork at many nations in the world. Therefore, it owns a big number of fans worldwide.

Today we discuss some great moments in cricket during the history. The fact, our moments are only some special points among exciting moments in cricket. We try to summarize the top greatest as reference for anyone loving cricket.

  1. The first ODI with double hundred

In 2010, Sachin Tendulkar being from India became the first man to reach the ODI double hundred in this nation.

Some experts called this story as a historic event because it was the international record made impossible to reach but one cricketer can do it successfully.

In the game against south Africa in Gwalior, Tendulkar was excellent to make 200* after 50th rounds.

In the past, some talented players looked like to break the barrier of 200 runs but actually it was nearly, no one can reach this target. However, Sachin can do it well with more hundreds of runs. This achievement was to be deserved for his talents and hard practice during the long time. Furthermore, after this record, India became more and more famous with cricket as a traditional game at there

2. Dhoni finished off in his career by the gold

Continuing another achievement of India in World Cup 2011. This was a successful event of Indian cricket team when they became hero and reach gold medal.

In their performance, Dhoni became star because his talent as well moving story. Although he was struggling with cancer which he faced the death anytime, he still tried to play the best. 

As a good consequence, he was voted for the Player of the tournament award. This prize was a sweet end for his pro cricket career. All people called it was the greatest moment of 2011.