Top the great moments in cricket during history (Part 3)

In this article, we continue to share great moments in cricket which is one of the most favorite team sports in the world.

Although these following moments are few in series of stories and titles in cricket, it can express a small part about major events in cricket. 

5, A boring death of Philip Hugh in 2014

Phillip Hugh was an Australia cricketer. He performed well and reached good achievements in his career.

In Nov 2014, at the domestic game, Phillip was hit by another opposing cricketer. This accident was extremely serious so that he was lifted to the hospital immediately.

All peoples, including boards, his teammates as fans hoped a little luck for him to recover. Even, an international cricket game between Pakistan and New Zealand was still delayed one day later so that all peoples expected to Phillip.

It was pity when he couldn’t overcome. His death made crying and disappointed for millions of people in the world. Everyone felt rueful for one talent.

6, Caribbean Music in India in 2016

During history of Caribbean, they only win the ICC only twice in 1975 and 1979. Then they have never reached any more winning.

However, history was changed in ICC in 2016. They were excellent to overcome their opponents to become new championship in T20c cup. 

The special thing was both female and male cricket team won the WT20. It changed history of Indian cricket. So, they waked up all cricket fans by the Caribbean music to welcome winnings. It was deeply impressive and exciting for their success.

7, Pakistan won the champions in 2017 surprisingly

Although Pakistan had starts hard in the play-offs when they continued to lose against other opposing teams. No one predicted about winning of Pakistan for the final match.

However, by some surprising ways, they could return status to go to the final with Indian national cricket team.

Before the match, India was more highly appreciated due to series of good achievements in play-off. However, they were lost before Pakistan. Then Pakistan won the Champions surprisingly.