Top the best teams in ICC (Part 3)

Here we continue to share top the best teams in ICC. As referred in the former articles, ICC is the highest cricket competition. Therefore, all cricket teams expect to reach the ICC trophy at least one time in their history. It is a valued title about cricket.


Sri Lanka can be a small nation or has not been strong in many sports, expect cricket. This game is considered as a national sport at Sri Lanka because it brings pride and reputation for the local.

The Sri Lanka cricket team is well known as the Lions in the international cricket ranking when they always express excellently their performance in all competitions, including ODI, T20, ICC.

Although their nation is small, their willingness about winning in cricket is incredible. They have ever reached many achievements and trophies in cricket history like the title in ODI competition in 1926 and 1990, the World Cup Cricket in 1996, the World Cup T20 in 2014.


The UK cricket team is ranked the 6thposition at the ICC ranking.

The fact, cricket is a traditional game in this nation. Many local people love and practice it in their daily life as hobby.

Besides achievements in ICC, the England team has expressed their ability in ODI matches, T-20.


Bangladeshi is one of the original nations of cricket. They played the first ODI against Pakistan in 1986 whereas the local started to play it popularly from many years ago.

They are an official member in ICC association. They have ever joined lists of seasons of ICC.

Now, through their achievements and titles, they are ranked in the 6th. This is admiring for the Bangladesh cricket team because they have more difficulties in facilities, they still try to overcome and practice at almost international events like ICC.