Top the best teams in ICC (Part 2)

As introduced in the former article, cricket is more and more popular and favorited in outdoor activities for sport teams. It really lacks knowledge when you play this game but don’t know who is the best cricket team in the international ranking.

In free time, it’s better to follow some cricket competitions to inspire more feeling and motivation for this game.

Now, we continue to collect top the best cricket teams in ICC event which is the biggest competition about cricket.


In the past, India has not really been successful at the international cricket tournaments. However, they have effored and improved day by day to reach to the top 3 ranking.

The fact, the national Indian team has played well at all cricket formats. Such as ODI matches they are on the 3rd while T20 they are keeping the 1st position and the test matches on the 2nd. 

To reach great success, they have invested a strong team with talented players such as Ms Dhoni..

During history of ICC, they have ever lifed two times of the ICC.


South Africa has kept the 4thplace in the ICC ranking when reaching good results.

In the past, they have ever won 337 matches in total 547 ODI matches. This was the most impressive achievement of this team at ICC.

The fact, they are potential to increase the position in ranking when they are strong about ODI while ODI event is considered as the most difficult format in ICC. However, other formats like test match, T20 are not really their strength leading the general points lower. 

They have determined the target to develop all formats of cricket competitions to push their place higher in the future.

We are expecting their improvements in the next ICC season.