Top the best teams in ICC (Part 1)

In some recent decades, cricket is popular and favorited in many nations in Asia and Europe. As history of cricket, it has roots from the 16thcentury in England then it has been spread out to other nations. 

The international cricket council (ICC) plays an important role to organize various matches on the international level. The most prestigious event of ICC is ICC World Cup and other events like: test match, ODI match and twenty-twenty match among teams.

In thisarticle, we share top the best teams in ICC. Our ranking is based on their points during ICC seasons.


Australian national cricket team becomes the King of cricket for many years in the recent time. They have dominated the top ranking at other ICC seasons.

In 2011, they have made the record when winning 34 consecutive time in the ICC World Cup. 

Or another achievement, in total 869 ODI matches, they already have wion 537 matches. Furthermore, they also receive high points in test series. Their performance are professional and strong againist any opponent.

Unitl now, they have ever got 6579 points in 52 matches. This number is impressive and special for team.


New Zealand’s national cicket team is considered as direct opponent of Australia in any international event.

Compared with points, they are ranked the second. 

In ICC Word Cup 2015, they expressed impressively in the final match. However, unlucky, they lost and only were the runner-up a team.

During the history of New Zealand, they have started their professional career in 1972. The first match they competed against Pakistan. Although they had not been a winner, they had experiences to start winnings in the next seasons.

Until now, they have ever reached to 6474 points in total 57 matches. The rating is 114, only less than the first team 13 rating.