Top greatest cricket players the time

Sports plays a key role in the human life. It is not only a source of fun, but also passion, interest, benefits for health and also a profit way to become an important industry.

Overall sports, cricket is an interesting game when it shows discipline, honor and even bravery of players. This sport has extremely been grown in the 21st century but it reaches a big breakthrough when more and more people join it for professional and amateur hobby. All kinds of crickets, test cricket is the most popular.

The game of cricket has always been a great semblance of discipline and honor. Above cricket kinds, test cricket is the most popular form with covering almost number of cricketer nowadays. In this article, we overview about cricket game through ranking top greatest players all the time

10/ Malcolm Marshall

He was a talent cricket player in 80s. By fast speed, supreme athleticism as well metronomic accuracy, he became the greatest athlete in his generation. It is the truth when we recognize him on the rankings of all time. In general, he was an excellent gentleman.

As his style, he always expressed with 100% energy, even sometimes his performance could cause accidents or threaten to his life, he continued to overcome challenges.

When his career was in the stable growth, he passed due to colon cancer.

9/ Imran Khan

Imran Khan was the best cricketer in Pakistan. He was a legendary in cricket history with talismanic and authoritative style. He also had a huge number of fans in the world.

He was a captain of the national cricket team. In final, he won 14 times during his career. In 2010, he was voted in the ICC hall of fame which is one of the reliable competition for any athlete’s wishes.