Top greatest cricket players the time

In this article, we continue to share top the cricketers in the world all the time which is updated in 2020.

We collect data from outstanding achievements and records at international cricket tournaments like Olympics. If you are fan of this game, you shouldn’t miss the ranking of top the best players.

4/ Sir Don Bradman

We call him as Sir in cricket to respect his talent. He is considered as the greatest Test batsman all the time for Australia cricket as well cricket in general.

At the highest record, he had ever reached 99.94 on test batting which was excellent for any sportsman. 

He had about 20 years in cricket playing with high levels. To describe Sir Don Bradman, Bill Woodfull- one of former of the Australia cricketer had a perfect sentence: “worth three batsmen to Australia”.

3/ Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar owned a big mount of fan because of his handsome appearance as well great achievements.

In 2002, he ranked the second title for the test batsman, only behind Don Bradman. In this year he reached the second title for ODI batsman, after Viv Richards.

In 2011, he reached the winning in Cricket World Cup which remarked the most important achievement.

2/ Gary Sobers

By amazing skills, Gary Sobers made one of cricketer all-rounders.

He started his career as a bowler, then he moved to batting. He reached his maiden Test century when he overcome Pakistan. He already broke 375 runs in 1994 which was the most amazing record during batting career. Then he also surpassed the record himself. 

In general, he was one of the finest cricket players all the time when he contributes talents and experiences to develop and spread out cricket tournaments to many nations in the world.