The record in cricket history made by Mashrafe bin Mortuza

The Zimbabwe match ended with the captain of Mashrafe bin Bin Mortaza. He decided to resign after leading the team successfully for a long time. Mashrafe, however, set a unique record by taking the lead against Zimbabwe. He was the only captain to have had a leadership position in three decades.

Mashrafe was first crowned on a tour of the West Indies on the 27th. Mashrafe was led in three formats. However, he was wounded in the First Test of the series. The result is leaving the party.

He led the team on one of the tests in the 20-23 years. However, after Mashrafe was fired, Shakib Al Hasan led the team for the remainder of the match. Bangladesh showed victory in that test. Mashrafe announced her retirement from the Test after that test.

Mashrafe was responsible for Bangladesh again on the 27th. He became the captain of ODIs and Twenty20. Cricket Bangladesh has changed their hands this decade, and it has had considerable success. Mashrafe led Bangladesh to seven ODI and 20 T20 in the 20-21 decade. During this time, they won 4 ODI and won four T20Is.

Mashrafe has won the distinction leading the country in the current decade. He gave Zimbabwe a vindication in the three-match ODI series led by the last one. He defeated all the cricketer in the world for a unique achievement. No other captain has ever led a team for three different decades in world cricket history.

However, Mashrafe’s record is very close to teammate Shakib Al Hasan. He led Bangladesh for the past two decades. He will be the second cricketer player to record the title after Mashrafe, despite being banned and lifted again.

As can be seen, Mashrafe had held the leadership position for up to three decades. This is a record that never happened before in cricket history.