The Ash – The biggest cricket tournament in Australia (Part 1)

Come visit Australia this summer and soak up the excitement of The Ashes – one of the most intense and famous tournaments in international cricket.

Join the Australian Fanatics cheerleaders and the British Barmy Army as they cheer your team on the grass fields across Australia. Check out the opening match at Gabba in Brisbane in November or buy tickets to Adelaide Oval or Perth WACCA in December.

Come see the traditional Boxing Day match at MCG in Melbourne or the finals at SCG Stadium in Sydney in January. You can witness your passion and world-class cricket performances as the Australian and English teams continue their tradition of confronting hundreds of years at the Ashes Cup.

The Ashes Prize was formed in 1882, when Australia defeated England for the first time in England. An English newspaper that killed the British cricket, said it had been cremated and its ashes taken to Australia. The joke became so popular that England’s tour of Australia in 1882-1883 was called the “mission to reclaim The Ashes”. On that trip, a group of Melbourne women handed England captain Ivo Bligh a small urn containing ash, believed to hold the ashes of a horizontal golf bar, ball or tri-cylinder. After that, the winning team’s display of an ashes-like model became a tradition of the Ashes.

Currently, the original ash container is stored at the Marylebone Cricket Club Museum in London. Meanwhile, Australia and England won the Waterford model trophy made of Crystal. This is the official Ashes trophy from the 1998-99 season. Because of this trophy, the teams and their cheerleading teams – the Barmy Army team in England and the Fanatics team in Australia – have traveled across the ocean to conquer it. Ashes Cup is a tournament that takes place every two years, held alternately between England and Australia in the summer.