Kapil Dev asks team management after India’s defeat to New Zealand

Kapil Dev has raised questions about team management after India’s defeat to New Zealand, why is the new team in every match?

In the first match of the double test series against the New Zealand cricket team, the Indian Team suffered a defeat of 10 times. It was also India’s first defeat at the ICC World Test Championship.

According to the Test Championships, India has won all seven previous Experiments. After the defeat of India, former Indian cricket captain Kapil Dev (Kapil Dev) asked the team management. He asked why the changes were made in the XI game before every match.

Kapil also praised the Kiwi team

Kapil Dev said that in the Wellington Wellington match, the Indian players played poorly in every department. Praising the Kiwi team, he said that the New Zealand team is playing cricket very well. For this he deserves praise. In the first three series of ODI and now in the First Test, he did very well.

New teams are taking off in every match

Kapil Dev also blamed the team manager to some extent on India’s failure. He said that if we take this game seriously, they don’t understand why it changes so much in XI. They are debuting a new team in most matches.

No player in the team is a regular. If a player’s position in the team is not protected, then such a situation will affect the player’s performance. Kapil says there is a lot of difference between when we play and what is happening. When you form a team, you have to make the player confident. It does not make sense when we make many changes.

Kapil Dev said that although there are many big names in the order of Indian polishing, if you do not earn a total of 200 in both halves, then you have no chance of winning again. He said that you have better planning and strategy. In addition, Kapil also questioned the exclusion of KL Rahul from the Testing team.

Kapil said that players like KL Rahul should be included in the team not based on format but on form. While management gives the player a chance to follow the format. The captain of the 1983 World Cup winning team said he did not understand this. Currently, Lokesh Rahul is in good shape, but he is sitting outside, while following him when the player is in form, he should play every match.