How many countries in the world play Cricket? (Part 2)


England is another founding member who has been a part of the ICC since 1909. England’s Cricket Team represents both England and Wales. The team also represented Scotland until 1992.

England has all three international tournament statuses with results after many years. There have been more than 999 test matches with 357 wins and 297 losses, 709 ODI matches won 351 and 100 T20 matches with 47 wins.


Australia is the third founding member of the ICC and has the longest history of cricket, a title it shares with England, whom they had their first Test Match in 1877. The Australian cricket team played 812 matches Tested with 383 wins and 219 losses with ODI with 556 wins and 313 losses, and 96 T20 wins a total of 49 matches and lose 44 matches.

West Indies

Known as the Windies, the West Indies cricket team represents the Caribbean region with selected players from around 15 countries in the region who are also members of the ICC.

Over the years, the West Indies cricket team has won major awards including the ICC Cricket World Cup they have won twice, the T20 and the ICC Championship Cup among others. 

New Zealand

Known as the Black Hat, New Zealand is among the full 12 members of the ICC. They took part in the first test match in 1930 against England; they never won a single test match until 1956 when they defeated the West Indies.

New Zealand played 426 Experimental matches with 92 wins and 170 losses. It made history in 2015 when it reached the first semifinal of a major tournament by defeating South Africa at the ICC Cricket World Cup.


The most famous is The Men in Blue, India is the 6th team to be granted Test status. In the first few years of the Trial, India was one of the weakest; they only owned 35 of their first 196 Test matches. However, India gained prominence in the 1970s gradually rising up in the cricket world to become the best in that period.