General guide to betting on Cricket (Part 4)

The players have the duty to protect 3 wooden poles behind them (called the three pillars). Above the 3 wooden poles are pieces of wood. If those pieces of wood fall to the ground then the batter will be disqualified.

Your team will send a pitcher to destroy the wooden stakes behind the batter. Outside around the yard are those tasked with shooting the ball.

The rules are as simple as that. One team tries to protect 3 wooden stakes, the other tries to destroy it with a ball. The method of calculating the score is as follows.

The batter will hit the ball flying as far as possible. And the opposing players must capture the ball and return to the batting area.

When the ball flies away, the two players hitting the ball will switch positions. They have to run and run again to calculate points (called run). A successful swap is a run.

The batter will be disqualified in the following cases

Being hit by a pitcher who destroys 3 wooden stakes and drops pieces of wood above them (during throws or when running back and forth to count tremors)

Using his feet to deliberately cover the 3 wooden stakes behind him. Being noticed by the referee and fined straight.

Was caught by the opponent before the ball touched the ground

Slide three balls in a row

Cricket betting betting – Equipment and tools

Rules for cricket equipment and equipment are listed as follows:

Sticks made of wood, the thickness of the sticks can not exceed 5/4 inches (about 3 cm). The stick’s length cannot exceed 38 inches (about 96.5 cm) and weigh no more than 2.7 – 3 pounds (about 1.4 kg)

The ball must be spherical with a size of 22.9 centimeters

The stadium must be 16722 square meters and the players’ playground must be 137.16 meters long

Players must have shorts (or long pants), T-shirts, sports shoes, foot guards, protective hats with iron frames covering their faces. In addition, the foot of the player must wear protective armor.