General guide to betting on Cricket (Part 3)

4.8. Bet on Most Pillars

Bet on the player to throw the most number of pillars during a specific match or game.

Both players must have at least one serve, otherwise bets will be void.

4.9. Bets to Score the Most 6 Points

Bet on the team to score the most 6 points during a specific match or game.

Bets are only valid if the match has an official result. If not, all bets of this type will be void.

4.10. Bets Predict Next Player

Bets on hit player will be eliminated first in the match or game.

If one player retires, or one of the two players is disqualified, all bets will be void.

Cricket was formed in the 16th century in the south-east of England.

It was not until the 18th century that cricket was recognized as a national sport.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, this sport spread throughout the world.

International matches were held in 1844 with the participation of England and Australia teams.

In the 20th century, the World Cricket Tournament was held with the participation of many countries. Among them are: England, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. However, African countries are banned from participating in the event, although the sport is very popular in Africa because of its racial discrimination law.

The Internationnal Cricket Council (ICC) is established in 1971.

We will show you a classic cricket match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. This is a match within the Tri-Nation Series 2018

Cricket rules

The rules of Cricket are quite simple, it’s quite similar to baseball. We will list the rules and the simplest score calculation as follows.

Each team has 11 players, similar to football.

Each team sends out 2 members for polishing. They will stand opposite each other. One person will hit the ball, standing before the opponent’s catcher. The other does not hit, standing next to the opponent pitching the ball.