England’s Cricket World Cup team is recognized in the Queen’s list of new year honors

England captain Cricket World Cup winner Eoin Morgan and his teammates will be recognized on the Queen’s New Year honors list, according to the Sun.

The organized tournament secured a dramatic victory over New Zealand at Lord’‘s in July to win the World Cup for the first time.

Now, Irish Morgan, 33, will be awarded a CBE as a reward for his efforts, while teammates including Ben Stokes and vice captain Jos Buttler are also lining up to brace themselves.

Captain Eoin Morgan will be given a CBE for his role in winning the first tournament

The pair teamed up with an important spot that saved the final, before teaming up again to score 15 key runs in the super match while Buttler also finished winning the match. with Martin Guptill.

Stokes has declared the BBC Sport Player of the Year both for his World Cup efforts and his record-breaking performance for England in this summer’‘s series of ashes.

Deputy captain Jos Buttler, who completes the decision making process, will also be rewarded. Meanwhile, Ben Stokes enjoyed a beautiful summer and could also be honored by the Queen.

With the Third Test – and with it, the series – seemingly lost, Stokes broke a staggering 135 insurmountable number to win the nearly impossible at Headingley.

A source told The Sun: ‘‘Winning the World Cup is the sport highlight of the year – not just summer.”

‘‘Eoin led the team to win the World Cup Final and only a handful of people can say that.

‘‘The final Super Over of Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler has gone into sports folklore and has been one of the most iconic English sporting moments.

‘‘It is only true that the joy and pride they bring to millions of people, not to mention the high level of professionalism and determination they show in such adversity, is rewarded with the highest possible honor.”