Don’t choose Shikhar Dhawan over KL Rahul in T20Is

Former Indian cricket captain K Srikkanth did not hold back when he made it clear that even if Shikhar Dhawan opened fire against Sri Lanka, he won even when near the T20 World Cup wharf.

Srikkanth praised Rahul as the # 1 pick for the opening position when he even claimed that there was no comparison between them.

After spending nearly 2 months on the sidelines due to injury, Shikhar Dhawan’s open demolition all ready to roar in the T20 series against Sri Lanka launch today (January 5). But it looks like his injury and his bad future made him lose a place on his flight to Australia as KL Rahul made a lot of money when he got a chance to book the T20 event.

The former Indian captain and main picker KRnamachari Srikkanth do not hesitate to declare that Dhawan is not close to Rahul when it comes to selection for the T20 World Cup. Srikkanth shared that if he was responsible for the selection, Dhawan won would have flown to Australia.

Srikkanth’s statement seems to be appearing on the back of the recent duo’s comeback. Over the past year, Dhawan has had a poor performance, especially in the T20Is, he has only recorded 272 runs in 12 innings with a jump rate of 110.56 while Rahul has 35 times ran in 9 innings with an impressive -rate shot of 142.40.

On the other hand, Dhawan reveals he is looking at his previous records and he will enter the new year to start fresh. The Delhi international promised to make an impact when he determined this was the right opportunity to win a spot in the World Cup squad.

“A lot of injuries last year, but it was part and part of the game. It was a new year, looking forward to a new start. I always take things in a positive way. Injury is what naturally, just take them in my own pace to score more runs this year, become a more influential player, win the matches for my team and win the championship World Cup. This series of games is a good opportunity for me to score goals. I am always developing my game, developing new shots”, Dhawan told Star Sports.