Cricket 2019: Test of England vs South Africa in Centurion (Part 2)

Alastair Cook‘s retirement last year, gave the team two vacant positions at the top of the order. Rory Burns has impressed in Ashes, scoring an outdated first century at Edgbaston. However, the median score of the trivial test is 33.75 highlighting his inconsistencies.

With the exception of Stokes, the English batsmen have struggled for the past twelve months, all averaging under 40 in Test cricket. In contrast, Australia’s current five test batsmen averaged over 40 over the past twelve months.

England’s worries also extended to their bowling ranks – they have yet to discover the permanent replacement for archery player Graeme Swann, and James Anderson’s career, is coming to an end.

Even wicket players aren’t sure where they are next door. Four players have worn gloves for England in this year’s trial cricket, with the options seeming to alternate between Jonny Bairstow and Ollie Pope every few months.

There have even been whispers Root should resign as captain to focus on his polishing.

After losing to South Africa on Sunday, former England captain Nasser Hussain tortured his team, poor tactics and lack of discipline with sticks and balls.

If an England team can win when it does nothing and they can win when it does something, you have nowhere else to go.

This is not Melbourne on a drop field doing nothing, this is not a Kookaburra ball in Australia without doing anything. This is a yard suitable for England.

He will drop below Australia on the ICC Test rankings in the next few weeks – if Australia wins their New Year test then that’s almost certain.

The World Championship final takes place on English soil; at Lord Trick in June 2021. Currently sitting in sixth position on the ladder, England have few chances to play in the highly anticipated match.