Brief overview of cricket sport (Part 2)

The reason for disqualification is when the three wooden sticks at the back have fallen, or the ball has been caught before the ball has touched the ground or the players have cheated, took meat and covered the three wooden sticks.

Cricket is an extremely interesting game

What is cricket? The game is full of suspense because more than each other in the one who will run more and will hit the ball quite accurately. The players who play this game will get dirty because they will fall to the ground many times, or they will slip. The conclusion about this type of game is not as arrogant as Golf or Tennis!

Cricket betting – Famous players and tournaments

Talented players

Kohli Virat (India)

Steve Smith (Australia)

Abraham Benjamin de Villiers (South Africa)

Joseph Edward Root (England)

David Andrew Warner (Australia)

Benjamin Andrew Ben Stokes (New Zealand)

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar (India)

Kane Stuart Williamson (New Zealand)

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (India)

Ricky Thomas Ponting (Australia)

International tournaments. Because of the large number of fans, the number of tournaments is also quite large:

ICC Intercontinental Cup

ICC World Cricket League Championship

ICC Champions Trophy

Independence Cup

Ireland Tri-Nation Series

World Cricket League Africa Region

European Cricket Championship

South American Cricket Championship

Triple Crown Tournament

Women’s’s International Cricket Competition


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Above is a brief overview of cricket sport and cricket betting. Hope the information is useful for you.